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Bacon, Hollis, Stephens and Phillips Push Through Challenging Tests To Come Out Victorious In Dungog

Round 4 of the 2019 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) cemented the fact that Australia’s emerging Junior talent will produce our next generation of internationally leading Off-Road stars. 

As our AORC Juniors tackled their second consecutive day of a timecard Enduro format on the bLU cRU loop, Round 4 featured a change up with Kodi Stephens and Max Phillips taking out the J3 and J2 class wins. Reigning victorious for two days in a row was Kyron Bacon (MX Store, KTM) and Blake Hollis for EJ and J4.

Under Dungog’s glittering blue sky and atop tacky soil, the AORC Juniors navigated four loops of the bLU cRU Cross and Enduro tests.

The podium for Round 4 of the 2019 season finished like a mirror reflection of Saturday’s Round 3, with Bacon, Joshua Brierley and Korey McMahon holding onto their respective podium standings. The EJ competitors tackled once again the bLU cRU loop, finishing Sunday with seven laps under their belt.

KTM mounted Bacon continued his irrefutable EJ success with a fourth consecutive class win, finishing Sunday with a total time of 34:51.309.

Biting at Bacon’s heels all weekend was Brierley, with a total time of 35:08.773. Rounding out the final podium spot for Round 4 was McMahon, with a total time of 36:14.286.

Reflecting on Sunday, Bacon stated “I’m feeling pretty happy. I made a few mistakes on Sunday but brought it all together toward the end and just my own race.

“Matty Phillips has been sending through tips throughout the weekend which has been an enormous help, which has also helped lift the weight off my shoulders a little!”

2019 AORC Round 4 EJ Top 10 Provisional Results
1. Kyron BACON (MX Store, KTM)         34:51.309
2. Joshua BRIERLEY         35:08.773
3. Korey MCMAHON        36:14.286
4. Nathan HOWE              37:09.453
5. Riley NANCARROW     37:44.496
6. Cooper SHEIDOW        37:44.581
7. Mathew PYE                 38:12.066
8. Matt WATERS               38:18.966
9. Jayden RUDD                38:35.191
10. Thomas TEED             39:26.195

Dungog, like Toowoomba, has treated Hollis to a superb weekend of racing. Finishing in first place with a total time of 37:45.063, Hollis has proven his undeniable Enduro racing talent, maintaining a cool head during mentally and physically challenging conditions.

Reflecting on the weekend and the challenges he confronted, Hollis stated “today was tough. I had a few crashes which made today difficult, but I managed to push through to take out the class win!

“The tracks weren’t as technical on Sunday as they were on Saturday but the conditions remained really favourable,” highlighted Hollis.

Taking the silver today was Mackenzie Johnson with a total time of 38:31.573.

Rounding out the J4 podium in third place was Cody Chittick, who finished hot on Johnson’s heels with 18 seconds with separating them. Chittick finished Round 4 with a total time of 38:49.678.

2019 AORC Round 4 J4 Top 10 Provisional Results
1. Blake HOLLIS   37:45.063
2. Mackenzie JOHNSON    38:31.573
3. Cody CHITTICK    38:49.678
4. Zac PERRY    39:15.101
5. Kobe CONLEY    39:31.762
6. Charlie MILTON    40:22.506
7. Oscar COLLINS    40:44.815
8. Brandon CLARKE    44:55.467
9. Luke COOK    47:31.529
10. Hayden JONES    48:21.715

Sunday threw the J3 class bets right out the window, as Saturday’s Champion relinquished his titled to Stephens. Thriving off the adrenaline experienced by racing his rivals, Stephens finished Sunday’s racing with a total time of 39:45.180.

Rounding out the podium on Sunday was Will Dennett and Maxwell Liebeknecht in second and third respectively. Dennett finished Round 4 with a total time of 40:28.246, with Liebekecht close behind with a total time of 41:28.130.

2019 AORC Round 4 J3 Top 10 Provisional Results
1. Kodi STEPHENS    39:45.180
2. Will DENNETT        40:28.246
3. Maxwell LIEBEKNECHT    41:28.130
4. Charlie MOLLER    41:38.159
5. Jethro CARRIAGE    42:05.810
6. Jack BITHELL        42:06.354
7. William COOPER    43:51.236
9. Kelly WOOLSTON    44:01.758
10. Jake HAYES        44:04.528

Our J2 class packed a big punch as they blazed a trail on the bLU crU loop. Coming out on top was Phillips, with a total time of 39:46.953. Enjoying fantastic conditions that dried up as the day and racing continued, Phillips was followed onto the podium by Campbell Hall and Round 3 J2 Champion Billy Hargy for second and third place. Campbell clocked in a total time after four loops of 39:57.103, followed by Hargy with a total time of 40:14.887.

2019 AORC Round 4 J2 Top 10 Provisional Results
1. Max PHILLIPS   39:46.953
2. Campbell HALL   39:57.103    
3. Billy HARGY   40:14.887
4. Cody KILPATRICK   42:05.487    
5. Thomas VANCE   43:29.652    
6. Luke CHELLAS   43:52.069    
7. Kyle SANDSTROM   44:03.553    
8. Corbin RIDDLE   44:07.440    
9. Samuel CODRINGTON   44:11.888    
10. William VELLA  44:30.537                                                                                                     

AORC is now on a hiatus until July 20-21, when riders land in Kyogle, New South Wales for Rounds 5 & 6. Until then you can stay updated on all things AORC and Off-Road by checking out, Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to follow the Official AORC hashtag, #only1roadoffroad!

Images courtesy of John Pearson Media