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Karlsson, Murray and Grundy Establish Supremacy at AORC

Karlsson, Murray and Grundy Establish Supremacy at AORC

As the Womens, Vets and Masters blasted off from the starting line for the Round 11 Cross Country Race, it would be Emelie Karlsson, David Murray and Derek Grundy to come out on top for their respective classes. Jason Pearce was declared the 2017 Veterans Champion! The Womens class is still up for grabs tomorrow after Jemma Wilson suffered an unfortunate fall.

The Womens class race was thrown a curveball after class leader Jemma Wilson (Yamaha), was an unfortunate casualty of a late fall in the race.That opened the door for Swedish rider Emelie Karlsson on her Yamaha to take the win. Karlsson completed the race with a 2:26:30.972. Tasmanian rider Sophie Coldicutt finished second, taking 2:32:38.920 to finish the race, a further six minutes behind Karlsson. Tegan Hall rode very well on her KTM to complete the podium. Hall finished with a 2:48:54.408, 16 minutes behind Coldicutt.

The Veterans class is designed for over 35’s competitors and showcases several enduro legends and champoins. Veteran David Murray took the win for Round 11. Murray can be extremely proud to take only 2:43:49.916 to complete the race. Jason Pearce finished in second, taking 2:45:29.026 to finish 100 seconds behind Murray. Second position gave Pearce the 2017 Veterans championship. With Kirk Hutton not competing in Omeo it left the door open for Pearce to win the title. Lou Stylianou has set himself up for a solid weekend with a third place finish. Stylianou total time was a 2:58:32.588, after braving the cold conditions to finish 13 minutes behind Pearce.

The Masters class is designed for the over 45’s racers and brilliant rides were certainly on display. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team) took the win for the Masters class to continue his excellent form after taking the title back at Kyogle (NSW). Grundy took 2:26:52.486 to complete the Cross Country. In second was Andrew Bespalov. Bespalov’s time was a 2:33:02.332, to finish six minutes behind the champ Grundy. Peter Schaper was the final podium placer with a time of 2:33:42.043, 40 seconds behind Bespalov.

Provisional Results Womens
1. Emelie Karlsson – 2:26:30.972
2. Sophie Coldicutt – 2:32:38.920
3. Tegan Hall – 2:48:54.408
4. Cheyenne Jones – 2:27:36.410
5. Angela Scott – 2:33:43.676
6. Stacey Thompson – 2:56:05.295
7. Jemma Wilson – 2:25:24.187
8. Rachelle Dessent – 2:28:45.432

Provisional Results Vets
1. David Murray – 2:43:49.916
2. Jason Pearce – 2:45:29.026
3. Lou Stylianou – 2:58:32.588
4. Jamie Richardson – 3:00:00.069
5. Christian Barrett – 2:39:04.271
6. Trevor Duncan – 2:47:12.865

Provisional Results Masters
1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team)  – 2:26:52.486
2. Andrew Bespalov – 2:33:02.332
3. Peter Schaper – 2:33:42.043
4. Craig Treasure – 2:34:58.318
5. David Salt – 2:35:26.989
6. Ken Burt – 2:36:04.997
7. Dick Bridle – 2:38:00.310
8. Steve Hirt – 2:38:17.137
9. Raymond Thorp – 2:38:19.834
10. Ray Scott – 2:38:38.492

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Remaining Rounds of 2017 Yamaha AORC

Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC                     5 – 6 August 2017

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Photos courtesy of John Pearson Media: Emelie Karlsson and Derek Grundy and Omeo