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Hollis, O’Donnell and Hargy Come Out Victorious in AORC’s Round 1

Round 1 of the 2019 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) delivered all junior competitors in classes J2, J3 and J4 with a challenging test on the Yamaha bLU cRU Track that forced a reliance on technical skill. With a Sprint format that demands a fastest test time every time, today proved the undeniable skill that continues to emerge from Australia’s junior Enduro talent.

Upon the close of today’s action, Billy Hargy took out the best time for J2, Campbell O’Donnell for J3 and Blake Hollis for J4. Our juniors will return to tomorrow to brave the same Yamaha bLU cRU Track for another Sprint format to decide who will take out the class for the weekend!

Already a household name in Australian Enduro racing, Blake Hollis finished Round 1 with the best time of 10:32.818. Hollis sat pretty amid the heat and dust ahead of Mackenzie Johnson by just over a minute, with Johnson finishing today with a time of 54:32.036. Rounding out the J4 podium today was Zac Perry with a time of 55.33.284.

“I had a good day at the first round of the AORC. The track was tough and a bit dusty but I was pretty fortunate to be at the front of the group as we headed into each test. The tests have been super technical this round but I’ve had a pretty successful day,” explained Hollis.

“Tomorrow my goals are to remain at the top of the group and to remain as consistent as possible with my times.”

AORC J4 Round 1 Provisional Results

  1. Blake Hollis 53:02.256
  2. Mackenzie Johnson 54:32.036
  3. Zac Perry 55:33.284
  4. Oscar Collins 55:58.836
  5. Charlie Milton 56:14.068
  6. Hayden Campbell 59:00.487
  7. Cody Chittick 59:22.145
  8. Kobe Conley 59.25.085
  9. Jay Simister 59:43.729
  10. Lochie Stafford 1:01:05.230

Campbell O’Donnell clinched a top time today for the J3 class of 55:19.273, slipping ahead rival Riley McGillivray by just over six seconds! The final podium position was nabbed by Kodi Stephens with a time of 56:49.768.

Round 1 delivered a showstopping performance as the three podium holders exhibited proof of Australia’s leading junior talent in Enduro raving, with O’Donnell, McGillivray and Stephens each landing a fastest time in one of the five tests.

AORC J3 Round 1 Provisional Results

  1. Campbell O’Donnell 55:19.273
  2. Riley McGillivray 55:25.586
  3. Kodi Stephens 56:49.768
  4. William Dennett 57:20.674
  5. Tom Park 58:08.907
  6. Jack Bithell 58:58.440
  7. Maxwell Liebekner 59:11.116
  8. William Cooper 1:00:41.351
  9. Kelly Woolston 1:00:53.803
  10. Jake Hayes 1:02:32.856

Taking out the best time for Round 1 in the J2 class was Billy Hargy with a time of 57:11.271. Second place was clinched by Campbell Hall, who came in hot after Hargy with a time of 57:27.053. Hargy and Hall maintained a classic Tango throughout the days tests, as each fought for fastest times across the five tests.

Taking out the final podium place for Round 1 was Jett Yarnold with a time of 58:38.884.

AORC J2 Round 1 Provisional Results

  1. Billy Hargy 57:11.271
  2. Campbell Hall 57:27.053
  3. Jett Arnold 58:38.884
  4. Max Phillips 59:46.669
  5. Luke Chellas 1:04:36.666
  6. Kyle Sandstrom 1:05:49.553
  7. Jack Shearer 1:06:02.664
  8. William Vella 1:06:18.928
  9. Jack Hendrickson 1:07:35.950
  10. Eli Tripcony 1:08:33.760

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Images courtesy of John Pearson Media