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Juniors Brierley, McMahon and Bacon Ride to Victory

Round 9 of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) kicked-off today as the talented Junior competitors competed in their first Enduro for the AORC in 2017. There was plenty of anticipation to see which riders would come out on top in front of the cheering crowd in a sea of team colours. The Juniors began their day out from the bLU cRU loop.

Despite the technical nature of the Kyogle track, the Juniors adapted phenomenally well. Juniors that excelled and won for their respective J4, J3 and J2 classes were Joshua Brierley, Korey McMahon and Kyron Bacon.

In J4 it would once again be the phenomenal Joshua Brierley on his Husqvarna bike to win an incredible Enduro race for his class. Brierley finished with a compiled time of 25:33.656. Brierley’s pace was undeniable as he finished 26 seconds ahead of his nearest challenger. The first test from the bLU cRU loop gave Joshua the edge as he laid down an incredibly quick time, leaving the other competitors to play catch up. Up next was Joshua’s brother Mitchell Brierley, also Husqvarna mounted. The two brothers have enjoyed several one-two finishes this year and this race continued that trend. Mitchell’s total Enduro time amounted to a 24:08.069. The final podium placer for J4 was Corey Hammond. The KTM rider managed to finish with a total accumulated time of 24:15.837.

One of the most fascinating wins was achieved by Korey McMahon in the J3 class. Mcmahon who also competes in Motocross, has had a excellent Saturday Enduro to finish with a total time of 24:27.827. Finishing a further 23 seconds behind was Ben Bertinazzi on his KTM, the result marking his best place finish for his class so far this year. Bertinazzi fought hard to register a time of 24:50.868. Rounding up the podium positions was the very consistent Ned Chapman, on his Yamaha. Chapman adapted to the Kyogle track well to attain a podium position with his time of 25:21.476 to complete the Enduro. Championship leader and KTM rider Jayden Rudd finished off the podium for the first time this season in seventh place.

Honda mounted Kyron Bacon was the standout rider for J2 and finished first for his class. Young Bacon is emerging as a young rising star in the Off-Road scene and the win will be very helpful in his tight championship battle with Wil Riordan. Bacon had an accumulated Enduro time of 25:33.656. Second position belonged to Riordan who took 25:48.431 to finish the Enduro. KTM rider Riordan finished a further 15 seconds behind Bacon. To complete the podium would be brother Gus Riordan, who is also KTM mounted. His total time was a 26:38.095.

Provisional Results J4
1. Josuhua Brierley – 23:42.980
2. Mitchell Brierley – 24:08.069
3. Corey Hammond – 24:15.837
4. Nathan Howe – 24:44.766
5. Ryan Thompson – 24:47.351
6. Riley Nancarrow – 25:54.498
7. Connor Gee – 26:01.115
8. Brock Brady – 28:02.540
9. Emi Ruprecht – 28:49.620
10. Mitch Chapman – 30:29.698

Provisional Results J3
1. Korey McMahon – 24:27.827
2. Ben Bertinazzi – 24:50.868
3. Ned Chapman – 25:21.476
4. Matthew Pye – 25:37.671
5. Blake Hollis – 25:48.798
6. Raife Dooley – 25:54.841
7. Jayden Rudd – 26:03.480
8. Tom Teed – 27:06.638
9. Ben Teed – 27:25.632
10.Jared Watson – 28:06.998

Provisional Results J2
1. Kyron Bacon – 25:33.656
2. Wil Riordan – 25:48.431
3. Gus Riordan – 26:38.095
4. Mackenzie Johnson – 27:10.367
5. Harrison Foster – 27:28.657
6. Jasper Franklin – 27:44.231
7. Zac Perry – 28:11.339
8. Cooper Holroyd – 29:27.278
9. Oscar Collins – 29:40.508
10. Levii Read – 30:20.154

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This is the link for the Entry List for Rounds 9 & 10
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Remaining Rounds of 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship Calendar 

Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW                   22 – 23 July 2017
Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC                     5 – 6 August 2017

Photo courtesy of John Pearson Media: Josuhua Brierley at Kyogle