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McMahon ready to make Dungog his own at Yamaha AORC

In just his first full season of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) Korey McMahon has shown the field how its done, leading the J4 class after the first four rounds. A keen motocross prodigy, McMahon has mixed his time between motocross and off-road and it’s paying dividends, he sat down with AORC before his hometown race at Dungog.

2018 has been your first full year in AORC, you currently sit in 1st position in the J4 Class, how have you found the first four rounds? I have really enjoyed the start to the season, coming from motocross I am really enjoying the technicality of the tracks. The design of the tracks has kept me guessing and it has caught me out of few times this year, I have struggled early at each round whether its been the first lap or the first sprint. I have crashed at basically each round and I’m finding I have been pushing too hard too early with the conditions still a bit damp, its been a change from motocross where you get three practice laps. Learning the tracks is something I am looking to develop throughout the remainder of the season.

Coming from your motocross background, how have those skills helped you in AORC? My motocross skills have helped me a lot coming across, for me my breaking and cornering have held me in good sted so far. Enduro has also taught me a lot to take back to motocross as well, my speed into corners and then my vision, looking ahead and making my next move. Riding and racing both has really helped me, and I feel I’m a more all-round rider.

Being from New South Wales, Dugong will be your home track, are you looking forward to racing at Dungog? I can’t wait to get out to Dungog and try take the win in front of my family, last year I did the New South Wales state titles there and things didn’t go well. The goal is to get back and turn it around, but that will be a test as I haven’t been riding too much enduro and at Hattah my fuel line broke on the second lap. For Dungog I just need to take it easy early and then ride like I know I can in the afternoon once I know the track.

Do you find it tough to go back and fourth between motocross and off-road racing? I am pretty lucky I don’t find it too difficult, I have been able to adapt between motocross and enduro quite well. It is a different riding style that’s for sure, but I just need to take it easy on the first laps in enduro and I’ll be right.

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