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Milner steals day one spoils while NSW currently leads all State Championships

Once again Victoria blessed riders, teams and spectators of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Four Days Enduro with the sunshine as day one of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Four Days Enduro officially kicked off today in Merrijig, rural Victoria.

The picturesque landscape played host to over 120 competitors around trails, before they tested their machines, and their speed in six timed tests to determine who would be the fastest rider on day one.

Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team and one off French competitor, Mathias Bellino (10th – 7:04.403), was the first athlete to leave the first test this morning, and although he looked to have the speed a small crash allowed competitors to relegate him in positions at the conclusion of test one.

Motul Pirelli Sherco Racing Team’s Matthew Phillips (23rd – 7:18.127) also looked to be the favourite today but he too suffered a crash in the first test allowing Yamaha’s Daniel Milner (6:46.349) to take the early lead, followed by team mate CDR Yamaha’s Chris Hollis (6:48.410), while Husqvarna mounted Lachlan Stanford (6:58.506) pinched third.

The Yamaha test was next for riders and having already had the chance to ride the Yamaha test in yesterday’s Prologue it was all too familiar allowing fast times to come. Bellino this time was victorious showing that the track suited his riding style very much.

Mathias (7:41.751) once again dominated the third test – Force Accessories. Milner (7:42.276) and Josh Green (7:45.052) followed suit in second and third respectively. With three tests to go it was anyone’s guess who would wrap up day one in the top position. Competitors both battling it out on the Beta and Husqvarna tests before the final Yamaha test.

By the afternoon the temperature had reach a hot 29 degrees and after a hard morning of tails and tests the fatigue was starting to show in riders. At the last control, before the final Yamaha test and work period, it allowed the competitors recharge with water and food before a hard last charge to the finish line for day one.

The dust had picked up and with only a 15 second gap between riders it was becoming quite challenging to navigate the final test of the day. However, showing much strength and proving why he is previous A4DE Champion four years running, Milner finished the final test out in front with a time of 2 minutes 11.606 seconds.

With all the times collated over six tests throughout the day, Yamaha mounted Milner did all it took to secure the fastest overall time for day one outright and in his E2 class with a total time of 28:21.901. Second and third outright were stolen by Hollis (28:34.686) and Bellino (28:35.926) respectively.

The Championship E1 class was won by Active8 Yamaha Yamalube’s Josh Green with an overall time across his five tests of 28 minutes 40.463 seconds. Milner was the fastest E2 rider, while Daniel Sanders secured an overall time of 29:50.852 making him the fastest E3 rider today.

Tayla Jones stole the show today in the women’s class with an overall time of 30:56.816 in front of Jemma Wilson (32:26.101) and Jessica Gardiner (33:29.896).

Day one proved valuable for Dylan Rees who secured himself the ideal start to the Four Days Enduro event in the Veterans class. Rees pushed his machine home with a fastest time of 30 minutes and 12.317 seconds.

Masters competitor David Fleming also showed he had the pace today after running his machine through the dust, creek crossings and through the heat to secure a fastest time of 31 minutes and 20.628 seconds in front of his fellow competitors today at the Yamaha A4DE.

Today’s leading state Senior Trophy Team was New South Wales comprising of Green, Hollis, Glenn Kearney, Stefan Granqvist, Nic Tomlinson and Tye Simmonds. The New South Wales Junior Trophy State Team also leading after day one of competition with Tom Kite, Wil Ruprecht, Ben Kearns and Broc Grabham leading the team.

NSW women’s team steered by Jessica Gardiner and Tayla Jones are currently leading the Women’s Trophy team after day one.

Tomorrow will mark day two for the riders, teams and spectators of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Four Days Enduro, where once again competitors will put to the test of speed in both trails and tests throughout the long and treacherous day.

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*All results from Day one of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Four Days Enduro are provisional

Yamaha A4DE top ten outright day one results:

  1. Daniel Milner (E2)28:21.901
  2. Chris Hollis (E2) 28:21. 686
  3. Mathias Bellino (E2) 28:35.926
  4. Josh Green (E1) 28:40.463
  5. Daniel Sanders (E3) 28:57.050
  6. Lachlan Stanford (E3)29:04.712
  7. Glenn Kearney (E1) 29:06.536
  8. Matt Phillips (E2) 29:14.330
  9. Lyndon Snodgrass (E3) 29:25.354
  10. Jack Simpson (E1) 29:06.536

Yamaha A4DE top five day one E1 results:  

  1. Josh Green 28:40.463
  2. Glenn Kearney 29:06.536
  3. Jack Simpson 29:26.396
  4. Riley Graham 29:27.185
  5. Stefan Granqvist 29:35.763

Yamaha A4DE top five day one E2 results:

  1. Daniel Milner 28:21.901
  2. Chris Hollis 28:21. 686
  3. Mathias Bellino 28:35.926
  4. Matt Phillips 29:14.330
  5. Peter Boyle29:34.103

Yamaha A4DE top five day one E3 results:

  1. Daniel Sanders 28:57.050
  2. Lachlan Stanford 29:04.712
  3. Lyndon Snodgrass 29:25.354
  4. Christopher Davey 29:45.003
  5. Tom Mason 30:07.597

Yamaha A4DE top five day one Women’s results:

  1. Tayla Jones 30:56.816
  2. Jemma Wilson 32:26.101
  3. Jess Gardiner 33:29.896
  4. Emelie Karlsson 33:57.902
  5. Sophie Coldicultt 34:10.138

Yamaha A4DE top five day one Veteran’s results:

  1. Dylan Rees 30:12.317
  2. Damian Smith 30:47.781
  3. Kirk Hutton 30:52.148
  4. Brandon Kienhuis 31:57.369
  5. Rowan Pumpa32:00.105

Yamaha A4DE top five day one Master’s results:

  1. David Fleming 31:20.628
  2. Brett Steel 33:35.519
  3. Fred Patterson 33:45.233
  4. Mark Peacock 34:02.057
  5. Jason Salopayevs 34:35.599

For a full list of results click here.

Image courtesy of T. Spragg. Pictured CDR Yamaha’s Daniel Milner on the Yamaha test today just before crossing the finish line  – Click on the image for High Resolution.