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The Red Dust Travelled South For Milner, Sanders And Brierley, Whilst Styke Stole Away Vital Points

The victor list today at Coonalpyn, South Australia (SA) for Round 8 of the 2019 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) was a near perfect reflection of the winners list from Broken Hill a fortnight prior, with the exception of powerhouse Luke Styke (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube). Styke made a resounding call to protect his Champion position in the 2019 season, finishing on top of the E1 class, alongside Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) in E2, Daniel “Chucky” Sanders (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) in E3 and Josh Brierley in EJ.

Our four classes navigated the WR 450F test today, tackling a super sandy and hard-packed terrain. Finishing Round 8 just as strong as he did in Broken Hill, Chucky also claimed the fastest time today with 58:40.514.

He has a tendency to fight hard. Real hard. And today’s 10 laps was no exception as Styke claimed a well-deserved first place for E1. With a total time today of 1:00:52.231, Styke stole away the crowning podium position from Broken Hill’s underdog, Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Racing Team). Snodgrass settled instead for second, breathing hard down the reigning Champion’s neck, clocking in a total time of 1:01:00.940

With nearly eight seconds separating first and second place, there was another battle afoot for third. Fraser Higlett (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) and Michael Driscoll (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) tangoed right through all 10 laps, but it was Driscoll who nabbed the final podium position, with a total time of 1:02:17.640. Higlett, only 38 seconds behind, conceded for fourth place.

“Today was good here in Coonalpyn. We just have to remain consistent tomorrow,” explained Styke.

2019 AORC Round 8 E1 Top 6 Provisional Results:

  1. Luke Styke (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) 1:00:52.231
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Racing Team) 1:01:00.940
  3. Michael Driscoll (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) 1:02:17.640
  4. Fraser Higlett (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) 1:02:55.789
  5. Lachlan Allan (Kawasaki Castrol Off Road Team) 1:10:47.964
  6. Alexander Rudloff (Kawasaki) 1:17:27.540

Unfailingly true to form, regardless of injuries sustained during today’s racing, Milner rode comfortably into first place for E2 today, with a total time of 59:30.788. Eyeing off first place though and continually pushing Milner in an exciting battle for the E2 Championship title was Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube), who earnt second place today with a total time of 1:00:50.038.

Third place today was taken by a familiar face in the AORC paddock, Riley Graham, whose comfort and ease in Coonalpyn’s sandy conditions was clear as he clocked in a total time of 1:02:33.987.

Fourth place today was fought right to the end by two recognisable and well respected figures in AORC and Enduro racing. Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha MX Store Ballards Off Road Team) and Matthew Phillips (MX Store, KTM) bobbed and weaved all day for fourth place, but was Carpentier who prevailed, with a total time of 1:03:40.107. Phillips finished close behind with a total time of 1:03:57.726.

“Today ended up being a good day for me here in Coonalpyn,” remarked Milner.

“This has to be the most fun event we’ve had this season, and I’m so happy to see all the effort the club have put in! The conditions here are fantastic, and although I suffered a few sore joints today, we still came away with the win.”

2019 AORC Round 8 E2 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) 59:30.788
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube) 1:00:50.038
  3. Riley Graham 1:02:33.987
  4. Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha MX Store Ballards Off Road Team) 1:03:40.107
  5. Matthew Phillips (MX Store, KTM) 1:03:57.726
  6. Stefan Granquist (Yamaha) 1:04:19.384
  7. Nathan Trigg (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) 1:06:21.501
  8. William Price 1:07:14.236
  9. Sean Throup 1:07:42.324
  10. Brad Hardaker (Banana Coast Pest Control, Yamaha) 1:09:07.673

The Daniel’s were on fire today, much like they have been all season, and like Milner in E2, Chucky effortlessly claimed gold in E3 today. Aboard his Sherco, Andy Wilksch (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) landed comfortably into second place behind Chucky, with a total time of 1:02:56.028.

Rounding out the E3 podium was Jesse Lawton with a total time of 1:05:12.894.

“Well, sand is in my [sur]name so I think I was born ready to race in these sandy conditions,” highlighted Chucky.

“It was good battling it out there with the boys and I happy, of course, with taking out the win as well as the fastest time overall.”

2019 AORC Round 8 E3 Top 9 Provisional Results:

  1. Daniel Sanders (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) 58:40.514
  2. Andy Wilksch (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) 1:02:56.028
  3. Jesse Lawton (Thor MX) 1:05:12.894
  4. Alexander Bolton (Bolton Motorcycles) 1:05:33.162
  5. Luke Bunnik 1:08:22.389
  6. Matt Murry (Kawasaki) 1:09:24.274
  7. Rory Hill 1:12:49.661
  8. Joel James 1:13:04.990
  9. Tom Devries 1:13:31.361

After his first podium of the 2019 season in Broken Hill, Brierley continued his winning streak right into Coonalpyn today to claim first place in EJ with a total time of 1:04:55.166. Brierley fought all day with Korey McMahon, but over the 10 laps, McMahon conceded for second place with a total time of 1:05:18.693.

The current leader of the class, Kyron Bacon (MX Store, KTM), had a slower than usual start to the weekend, riding into third place with a total time of 1:05:45.100.

“Today was great here in Coonalpyn,” explained Brierley.

“I had a great battle out there with Korey McMahon and I think that pushed both of us even further to chase that win.”

2019 AORC Round 8 EJ Top 8 Provisional Results:

  1. Josh Brierley (Nowra Motorcycles, Husqvarna) 1:04:55.166
  2. Korey McMahon (KTM Australia) 1:05:18.693
  3. Kyron Bacon (MX Store, KTM) 1:05:45.100
  4. Cooper Sheidow 1:05:50.856
  5. Nathan Howe 1:08:25.654
  6. Jayden Rudd 1:09:53.146
  7. Riley Nancarrow 1:10:52.657
  8. Nicholas Wilson 1:21:59.905

Our Seniors remain in Coonalpyn tomorrow for Round 9 of the 2019 Championship season but over to the bLU cRU test track. With this weekend marking the penultimate weekend for the season, it will be make or break for our riders as they claw their way through for vital points.

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Images courtesy of John Pearson Media