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Yamaha AORC introduce Junior Coaching days with Enduro Pro’s

The Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) has experienced significant growth in recent years, seeing industry support strengthen and the pool of talent deepen. Supporting this unprecedented growth, the Yamaha AORC is excited to be running three Junior Coaching days in three Australian States in preparation for the 2017 season.

Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland will each host a Yamaha AORC Junior Coaching day; where young, aspiring Off-Road riders will be coached by Australia’s top and most renowned Enduro riders!

These pro-coaches will teach the AORC Juniors proper riding technique, provide information on the art of the racing line, race preparation, and all other aspects of competition including nutrition and fitness, bike set up, and of course, how to be Champions just like them!

The first Junior Coaching day will kick off in Victoria on Saturday 28th January 2017 in the Yarra Valley.

Not only will the seasoned Enduro rider and 2016 E3 Australian Off-Road Champion, Daniel ‘Chucky’ Sanders, be there to greet the hopefuls, but so will 2016 Motorcycling Australia’s Enduro Ambassador, Daniel Milner. The boys will be sharing their knowledge of bike control and in depth detail of all things Off-Road!

Mixing the past and present, Queensland’s Coaching day will see past Enduro wiz and now Active8 Yamaha Yamalube’s Team Manager, ‘AJ’ Roberts, back in gear and on the bike. Accompanying AJ will be 2016’s gun Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team’s Lachlan “Lachy” Stanford on Saturday 11th February 2017 at Toowoomba.

A Junior Coaching day for New South Wales will be conducted on Saturday 18th February 2017 at Stroud.

Back on the bike and in fighting form, New South Welshman Active8 Yamaha Yamalube’s, Josh ‘Greeny’ Green, as well as being a great ambassador for the sport, has plenty of skill, knowledge, patience and experience to pass on to the Off-Road stars of tomorrow. Greeny will be joined in coaching the Juniors by long-time pro-Enduro rider (recently retired) Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team’s Glenn Kearny, also a champion advocate for the Enduro Racing sport.

Like to attend a coaching day? It’s simple! All you need to do is simply submit your AORC Junior Series entry for the 2017 racing season, at the special discounted rate of $700, which includes two rounds of the AORC FREE (usually $840), and you will receive FREE entry to one of the three Junior Coaching days in your State! 

This offer ends on the 22nd of January 2017.

This is a once in a life time “money can’t buy” experience that you simply cannot miss.
The Junior Coaching dates are as follows:

Saturday 28th January 2017, 9am – 3pm – Yarra Valley, VIC   
Coaches/Riders – Daniel Sanders & Daniel Milner

Saturday 11th February 2017, 9am – 3pm – Toowoomba, QLD
Coaches/Riders – AJ Roberts & Lachlan Stanford

Saturday 18th February 2017, 9am – 3pm – Stroud, NSW
Coaches/Riders – Josh Green & Glenn Kearney

For more information on the three official Australian Off-Road Junior Coaching days in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria contact MA Off-Road Coordinator Matthew Falvo, via email: