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Riordan a Name to Remember at Yamaha AORC

The future of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) is in strong hands as the junior competition continues to improve each round. A surname to remember going forward is Riordan, with brother Will and Angus lighting up the off-road scene.

Will took out the 2017 J2 championship in his first year after making the move from motocross, whilst brother Angus joined the season at the half way point and put in some great performances. Both Will and Angus took out their respective classes at round 1 of AORC at Gympie Queensland and look to be a force to be reckoned with in season 2018.

AORC caught up with the pair before their home round at Hedley, Victoria in just 15 days.

Q1. 2017 was both your first years in AORC, now Will you had basically a dream start taking out the J2 title, and Angus bit of an up and down year for you, how did you guys find your first year?
Will: I really enjoyed my fist year in the off-road scene after making the switch from motocross, I enjoyed my riding a lot more and it ended up working out well for me.
Angus: It was great fun, I came in halfway through the season and I was always chasing Will and Kyron. I preferred the riding in off roads than motocross as it’s a lot more laid back and that suits me.

Q2. What lessons did you both learn after your first AORC season?
Will: I learnt quickly that it is a long season, you don’t have to win every round to take out the championship. I found you just have to be around the mark and try to get the most points you can out of each round.
Angus: The biggest one I learnt was that you have to be consistent, you can’t just get out there and jump on the gas like I could back when I was riding motocross. I found in the off-road tracks with the tight and technical sections you must be smooth.

Q3. Let’s move onto this year 2018, what are your goals for 2018?
Will: This year I would like to win the J3 Championship and back up last years J2 Championship win and of course if I’m doing that I’ll enjoy my riding and have fun.
Angus: I want to take out the J2 Championship and follow in Will’s footstep who did that last year, and I want to stay in one piece for the whole season.

Q4. Take us back to round 1 of AORC at Gympie, QLD, both of you came away with the points lead in your respective classes, how did you find the Gympie conditions?
Will: I loved the conditions and the sprint format at Gympie, the property was awesome, and the terrain gave us a bit of everything.
Angus: Yeah, the tracks were perfect, and I loved the Gympie conditions, the last sprint was nice and slippery which softened it up and I enjoy those conditions, but the tracks were perfect.

Q5. Looking ahead to round 3&4 in Hedley, Victoria What are both your expectations?
Will: Really looking forward to this round as I really enjoy the cross-country format, it suits my riding style a lot better and I get to spend more time on my KTM. I will be looking to continue my form in the J3 class and take out both days riding.
Angus: I can’t wait for Hedley I’m looking forward to the sandy conditions as we grew up riding in the sand, I really enjoy the cross-country format and I will be out there trying to win the J2 class as normal.

Who will take out round 3 & 4 at Hedley? Riders will face a Cross Country on Saturday and then on Sunday it will be the battle of the Sprints.

The return to Hedley for rounds 3 & 4 of AORC is only 15 days away, entries are still open click here, as always to stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2018 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the brand new AORC website at by following the AORC on Twitter and Facebook as well as @aorc on Instagram.

Pictures courtesy of John Pearson Media
Poster courtesy of 6HD