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Kyron Bacon and Josh Green 2022 E1 and E2 Champions

Bacon & Green Served Up On Red Plates

With a light at the end of the tunnel, the action has turned red hot for the series finale of the 2022 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship presented by MXstore (AORC)! Nestled in Wynyard, Tasmania for Round 11, today’s Enduro racing played host to the long-awaited Championship celebrations for 2022 AORC E2 Champion, Josh Green (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) and 2022 AORC E1 Champion, Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team).

Bacon also continued his blistering times from Kingston SE, clocking in the fastest overall time of the day. Our AORC Juniors tackled a Sprint racing format today across the WR450F test track. Two Champions have been officially crowed amongst our Juniors! Congratulations to Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) and Harley Hutton (Yamaha Motor Australia), who take home respective Championship titles in JG and J1.

Pictured L-R: Andrew Bacon and Kyron Bacon

From the moment go, Bacon was hot on the pan with scorching test times. Utterly at home on familiar terrain, the Yamaha racer smoked the competition early, setting the pace with a near seven-minute lead. With a total time of 1:12:46.023, Bacon took home first place in E1 for Round 11, as well as the official 2022 E1 Champion! He also claimed the fastest overall time for today’s racing.
In second today was Cooper Sheidow (Kessner Motorcycles, KTM Australia), keeping GASGAS’s Korey McMahon from overtaking with a total time of 1:19:23.620. McMahon conceded for third, behind Sheidow by just shy of 10 seconds.
“I’m feeling pretty pumped after today’s racing,” confirmed Bacon.
“I didn’t know what to expect – the tracks were brutal and the weather really made everything harder than it should have been. The tracks were full of mud and ruts, there was water everywhere, so it made things extra difficult. You really had to pick your lines well and stay focussed.
At the end of the day, I am absolutely stoked to be the E2 Champion!”

2022 AORC Round 11 E1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 1:12:46.023
  2. Cooper Sheidow (Kessner Motorcycles, KTM Australia) 1:19:23.620
  3. Korey McMahon (GasGas Australia, Suttos Powersports) 1:19:32.307
  4. Blake Hollis (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 1:20:03.760
  5. Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 1:21:08.754
Pictured: Josh Green

You know what they say…the grass is greener on the other side. Round 11 is home to Green’s long-awaited and well-deserved 2022 AORC E2 Championship! After a long, tough day out on slick Tasmanian soil, the Enduro household name has kept the likes of Fraser Higlett (Beta) at bay. Today’s first place result has ensured the Yamaha racer secures enough points to call the E2 Championship his own.
Behind Green in second place for Round 11 and the 2022 Championship, is Higlett. Even with today’s unpredictable weather and challenging conditions, the Queensland native clocked in impressive times consistently, earning him a well-protected second place.
Rounding out the E2 podium for Round 11 was Travis Silk, who finished nine tests with a total time of 1:31:09.283.
Honourable mention goes to Husqvarna’s Todd Waters, who has earnt third in the 2022 Championship for E2, even after his unfortunate season-ending injury only a few months ago.
“There was a lot of dog paddling today,” explained Green.
“After my hand injury, I honestly haven’t been riding much as I try to heal. So, racing – especially today – was a real struggle for me but I’m really, really pumped with how today went. I’ve come away with the E1 title!
“Everyone struggled today with the conditions, so the consolation was that you weren’t alone. It was a really cool track, but the weather made everything slimy. We survived and all in all it was a great day!”

2022 AORC Round 11 E2 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Joshua Green (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team) 1:16:58.830
  2. Fraser Higlett (Beta) 1:17:44.619
  3. Travis Silk 1:31:09.283
  4. Lachlan Muir 1:32:06.942
  5. Daniel Vos 1:35:16.831
Pictured: Jonte Reynders 

After his success in Kingston SE last month, Andy Wilksch (Simford Racing, Husqvarna) just couldn’t ‘reyn’ on Jonte Reynders’ (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) parade today, as the Tasmanian local absolutely dominated the E3 field. With a total time of 1:15:58.998, Reynders is breathing hard now Wilksch’s neck for a chance at that 2022 E3 Championship title. Wilksch finished today’s Enduro format with a total time of 1:18:16.949.
Bronze was won by KTM’s Jye Dickson, with a total time of 1:21:34.150.
2022 AORC Round 11 E3 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Jonte Reynders (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) 1:15:58.998
  2. Andrew Wilksch (Simford Racing, Husqvarna) 1:18:16.949
  3. Jye Dickson (KTM Offroad Racing Team) 1:21:34.150
  4. Baylee Davies (Buildrite) 1:24:06.096
  5. Hayden Keeley (Hunter Valley Motorsports, Alpinestars Australia) 1:26:59.171
Pictured: Emelie Karlsson

After claiming first-place in Round 11, KTM’s Emelie Karlsson is working hard to improve her Championship standing in EW. With a total time of 1:37:04.649, Karlsson finished more than one minute ahead of current leader board holder, Jess Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team).
Gardiner finished today with a total time of 1:38:39.717. With addition of Round 11’s points and the assumption Gardiner remains steady and consistent tomorrow, Wynyard could be home to her seventh AORC EW Championship title! Stay tuned…
2022 AORC Round 11 EW Top 2 Provisional Results:

  1. Emelie Karlsson (KTM Offroad Racing Team) 1:37:04.649
  2. Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 1:38:39.717
Pictured: Will Dennett

Roughly 30 seconds is all that separated first and second in EJ today. Keeping very much on brand, the competition was utterly fierce and unforgiving as Will Dennett (Yamaha Australia) and Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) battled tooth and nail for that gold.
After today’s racing though, Yamaha’s Dennett kept the best pace with a total time of 1:19:54.730. Current leader board holder, McGillivray earnt himself second place with a total time of 1:20:28.960.
Rounding out the podium was Hargy, who finished roughly one minute behind the KTM rider, with a total time of 1:21:34.406.
Just 13 points separated Dennett and McGillivray coming into the series finale, so we will all have to hold our breath for Round 12 to crown a victor.
2022 AORC Round 11 EJ Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. William Dennett (Yamaha Australia) 1:19:54.730
  2. Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) 1:20:28.960
  3. Billy Hargy (Husqvarna Offroad Racing Team) 1:21:34.406
  4. Kobi Wolff 1:26:28.437
  5. Luke Chellas (Northbound Driver Training) 1:27:26.459

EM (Masters)
Peter Rudd (Kessner Motorcycles, Husqvarna) has jumped back up to first place again in EM, finishing a gruelling day of Enduro racing with a total time of 1:43:30.109. Behind Rudd in second place today was John Baker (KTM Ballina Motorcycles), who crossed the finish line with a total time of 1:45:13.645.
We will all wait with bated breath tomorrow, to see who will be crowned EM Champ! Coming into Wynyard, Baker led thev charge by just seven points, so it’s anyone guess for Round 12.
2022 AORC Round 11 EM Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Peter Rudd (Kessner Motorcycles, Husqvarna) 1:43:30.109
  2. John Baker (KTM Ballina Motorcycles) 1:45:13.645
  3. Trent Brown 2:00:05.134
  4. Ian Jenner 2:06:09.655
  5. Andrew Moncrieff 2:09:54.954

EV (Veterans)
When you combine the unpredictable weather and highly challenging Enduro course, it is safe to say that Wynyard did not coddle or hold anyone’s hand today. That was definitely the case in EV, where all but one racer finished all nine tests.
It was pure gold glory for Christopher Thomas (Thomas Lee KTM) as he claimed an utterly undisputed first-place win for Round 11. Thomas finished today’s racing with a total time of 1:32:06.523.
2022 AORC Round 11 EV Provisional Result:

  1. Christopher Thomas (Thomas Lee KTM) 1:32:06.6523
Pictured: Jett Yarnold

Jett Yarnold (Supermoto New England, Yamaha Australia) is on a mission for the top spot on the podium and after today’s success, the gold is within reach! After seven laps across the WR450F test for Sprints, Yarnold finished in first for Round 11 in J4 with a total time of 47:41.864.
Eli Tripcony claimed a hard-fought second place spot ahead of Angus Pearce with a total time of 50:39.656. After a full day of hard racing, Pearce claimed the third podium spot, with a total time of 52:12.975.
2022 AORC Round 11 J4 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Jett Yarnold (Supermoto New England, Yamaha Australia) 47:41.864
  2. Eli Tripcony 50:39.656
  3. Angus Pearce 52:12.975
  4. Joshua Coates (TDub Garage) 53:07.680
  5. Sam Bell 53:26.429

Pictured: Danielle McDonald

Hard day? Yes. Well worth it? Absolutely, especially if you’re Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team)! The Round 11 JG victor has also now claimed the 2022 AORC JG Championship!
With a total time of 58:03.343, McDonald finished seven hard laps across the WR450F test ahead of second place holder, Madi Simpson (Toowoomba MPE). Simpson claimed second with a total time of 1:06:19.543.
Rounding out the podium today in JG was Fynleh Duncombe, with a total time of 1:15:12.947.
2022 AORC Round 11 JG Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 58:03.343
  2. Madi Simpson (Toowoomba MPE) 1:06:19.543
  3. Fynleh Duncombe 1:15:12.947
  4. Jade Chellas (Northbound Driver Training) 1:16:19.191
  5. Audrey Moller (Alltac Marriotts) 1:26:41.293
Pictured: Ryan Jordan

After a winning streak back in Kingston SE for Round 9 & 10, Ollie Gear (Sinclair Electrical Naracoorte, Limestone Coast Newcastle) fell to second-place here in Wynyard, after conceding the gold to Ryan Jordan. With a total time of 52:15.962, Jordan set a cracking pace for seven tests, producing nearly a two-minute lead ahead of Gear.
Levi Stephens returned to the podium today, claiming the bronze for Round 11 thanks to a total time of 54:32.848.
2022 AORC Round 11 J3 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Ryan Jordan 52:15.962
  2. Ollie Gear (Sinclair Electrical Naracoorte, Limestone Coast Naracoorte) 53:54.699
  3. Levi Stephens 54:32.848
  4. Beau Tripcony (M&D) 54:33.009
  5. Lachlan Metcalf (Simford Motorsports Group, SS Citrus) 56:11.126
Pictured: Marcus Nowland

Marcus Nowland had a fantastic day of racing here in Wynyard, as he screamed across the WR450F test to win first place! With a total time of 56:27.605, Nowland finished ahead of Mason Phillips by nearly 30 seconds.
Jesse Ryan was quick on Phillips’ heels, settling for third place today with a total time of 59:08.073.
2022 AORC Round 11 J2 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Marcus Nowland (McDonalds Racing) 56:27.605
  2. Mason Phillips 57:02.461
  3. Jesse Ryan (Guts Racing Aus, Tunetech Suspension) 59:08.073
  4. Rylan Eustace 1:02:04.749
  5. Mitchell Dolbey 1:03:54.499

Pictured: Harley Hutton

Aint nothing that can – or will – stop Yamaha’s Harley Hutton from his top spot on the box! With a total time of 1:01:59.640, the J1 Round 11 victor is now also the official 2022 AORC J1 Champion!
All season long, Hutton has demonstrated unflinching focus as he steered directly onto the fist place spot.
Rounding out the J1 Round 11 podium today was Jacob Brewer and Phoenix O’Brien, with respective total times of 1:09:36.433 and 1:12:40.482.
2022 AORC Round 11 J1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Harley Hutton (Yamaha Motor Australia) 1:01:59.640
  2. Jacob Brewer 1:09:36.433
  3. Phoenix O’Brien 1:12:40.483
  4. Drake Hutton 1:14:53.960
  5. Chase Weston (Tdub, ProCoat Aus)1:19:50.848

The WR450F test presented plenty of fun – albeit challenging – ruts and roots for our JJ class today. After seven laps though, Angus Summers came out on top with a total time of 1:23:17.641.
Austin Schulz won second place, crossing the finish line with a total time of 1:24:05.838.
2022 AORC Round 11 JJ Top 2 Provisional Results:

  1. Angus Summers 1:23:17.641
  2. Austin Schulz 1:24:05.838

We’re back bright and early tomorrow, here in Wynyard for the final Round of racing this season. Seniors will navigate another Enduro format, while our Juniors will tackle Sprints. To find out more, please click here.
Words by Caitlin Hynes. Images by Troy Pears.