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Joshua Brierley comes out on top for Junior Championships on Saturday for Yamaha AORC

The Junior classes today hit the track in the cross-country format in the hope to complete the elongated multi lap race with the fastest possible time. The J4, J3 and J2 battled for supremacy on a track, which had riders pushing to the edge to win their respective classes. As the first race for the competitive Junior class the youngsters were looking to make a positive start in the championship battle.
It would be Husqvarna rider Joshua Brierley to finish as the top overall Junior competitor for the cross-country race as part of the J4 Championship.

The track conditions were optimal for the first race of the day, with no rain-taking place until the finish; the Juniors noted the track was in excellent condition for the start of today’s proceedings.


Joshua Brierley ascended over the competition to finish in first position with a total time of 2:00:37.532. His brother, also Husqvarna mounted, Mitchell Brierley then succeeded him in second. with a final time of 2:02:48.653. Lochie Amos then slotted himself into third position, taking 2:04:37.491 to complete the cross-country course.

J4 pacesetter Joshua Brierley was ecstatic to be finishing on top of the J4 Class; “I felt really good about the race, we put in a lot of work over the off season. I’m very happy with the performance and how smoothly the race went. We managed to get out front early and that was key to a successful race.”


Jayden Rudd on his KTM managed to maintain consistency across the cross-country course with a total time of 2:06:02.055 It wasn’t without pressure from young Yamaha rider Chapman Ned who narrowly missed out on the first place with a 2:08:39.004. Third placed was claimed by Jaylan Lessio on his KTM who managed to pull his machine around with a concluding time of 2:10:30.078.


The J2 Class featured Tyran Tomich for KTM finished top for his class overall with a total time of 2:03:01.313. Will Riordan on a KTM managed to pull his machine around the track to finish in second with a time of 2:03:17.970. Finally Honda rider Kyron Bacon finished in third place for the J2 class with a finishing time of 2:07:33.728.

The Juniors put on a strong performance on Saturday for the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship. Today’s showing showed a glimpse into the future of the rising stars of the championship.

Provisional Results J4

  1. Joshua Brierley – 2:00:37.532,
  2. Mitchell Brierley – 2:02:48.653
  3. Lochie Amos – 2:04:37.491
  4. Ashden Gramlick – 2:05:30.120
  5. Nick Graham – 2:05:34.718
  6. Connor Gee – 2:0544.972
  7. Nathan Howe – 2:06:13.408
  8. Billy Mcculloch –  2:07:00.696
  9. Tully O’Neil – 2:07:08.521
  10. 10. Jack Wilson – 2:08:13.918

Provisional Results J3

  1. Jayden Rudd – 2:06:02.055
  2. Chapman Ned – 2:08:39.004
  3. Jaylan Lessio – 2:10:30.078
  4. Sam Barton – 2:11:27.627
  5. Benjamin Harris – 2:14:44.465
  6. Jared Watson – 2:15:40.930
  7. Max Price – 2:16:18.620
  8. Daniel Van Der Werf – 2:16:31.173
  9. Royce Patterson – 2:21:17.553
  10. 10. Aaron Miles – 2:23:43.483

Provisional Results J2

  1. Tyran Tomich – 2:03:01.313 (6 Laps)
  2. Will Riordan – 2:03:17.970 (6 Laps)
  3. Kyron Bacon – 2:07:33.728 (6 Laps)
  4. Jasper Franklin – 2:12:24.583 (6 Laps)
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 2:16:05.834 (6 Laps)
  6. Dusten O’Neil – 2:22:38.290 (6 Laps)
  7. Riley Mcgillivaray – 1:56:03.010 (5 Laps)
  8. Ashley Greaves – 158:09.218 (5 Laps)
  9. Lachie Stafford – 158:55.899 (5 Laps)
  10. Jack Caughey – 2:00:31.337 (5 Laps)

Image courtesy of John Pearson Media

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