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Juniors Leave Toowoomba In Their Wake As They Dominate Round 1

2020 has marked a major point of growth in the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship presented by MXstore (AORC). This new season sees the introduction of new Junior classes, including JJ, JG and J1, all in mind to ensure the sport is safely secured in future generations to come.

Kicking off the 2020 season, Round 1 was clinched by Riley McGillivray in J4, Billy Hargy in J3, Jett Yarnold in J2, Charlie Connolly in J1, Max Stevenson in JJ and Danielle McDonald in JG.


Settling comfortably back into the swings of things, it was like McGillivray never left over the break as he charged ahead of his rivals with ease. McGillivray finished Round 1 with a total time of 48:19.242, ahead of Kodi Stephens who clocked in with a time of 49:09.334 and slid happily into second place.

Rounding out the podium today was Kobi Wolff, who finished his six tests with a total time of 49:26.789.

2020 AORC Round 1 J4 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Riley McGillivray 48:19.242
  2. Kodi Stephens 49:09.334
  3. Kobi Wolff 49:26.789
  4. Charlie Moller 50:06.323
  5. Charlie Proudfoot 50:51.590
  6. Zachary Watson 51:41.590
  7. Corbin Riddle 51:51.952
  8. Jamie Dunstan 52:03.958
  9. Jackson Murray 52:12.867
  10. Thomas Foster 52:40.251


Like McGillivray, Hargy was simply unstoppable today as he screamed across the Offroad Advantage test track, finishing in first with a total time of 49:16.712. Second place was awarded to William Dennett who clocked in after his sixth lap with a time of 49:28.060.

Clinching the final podium position today was Campbell Hall, with a time of 51:04.671.

“Today was good. Started off a bit slow and came second in the first few test. I think I was struggling in the test a little bit but I started finding a few good lines and working to my strengths,” explained Hargy.

“I didn’t think I’d score the round win and I’m really happy with the end result!”

2020 AORC Round 1 J3 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Billy Hargy 49:16.712
  2. William Dennett 49:28.060
  3. Campbell Hall 51:04.671
  4. Max Phillips 51:38.894
  5. Luke Chellas 51:41.562
  6. Chayse Sellick 52:32.974
  7. Ryder Dray 52:57.944
  8. Ty Soutter 53:00.759
  9. Thomas Vance 53:49.067
  10. William Vella 54:21.225


The rocking landscape didn’t slow down Yarnold, who stole away first place in J2 with ease, clocking in after six laps with a time of 52:38.318. Sliding into second was Levi Stephens, followed closely by Jet Alsop in third.

2020 AORC Round 1 J2 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Jett Yarnold 52:38.318
  2. Levi Stephens 54:24.066
  3. Jet Alsop 54:45.204
  4. Jack Shearer 55:33.411
  5. Tate Young 55:33.576
  6. Kyle Sandstrom 56:08.560
  7. Riley Watson 57:35.750
  8. Jet Brien 58:41.264
  9. Jack Skeggs 58:56.654
  10. Jack Vella 59:24.317


A brand new addition to the AORC pits, the J1 features 85 small wheels. Coming out on top for Round 1 was Connolly, with a total time of 56:09.406. Clinching second place was Beau Tripcony with a time of 57:34.873 and rounding out the podium was Cooper Boyd with a time of 58:02.900.

2020 AORC Round 1 J1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Charlie Connolly 56:09.406
  2. Beau Tripcony 57:34.873
  3. Cooper Boyd 58:02.900
  4. Jesse Ryan 58:13.281
  5. James Chaillie 59:44.735


The second brand new addition to AORC is JJ with 65cc’s and claiming its first ever round win was none other than Max Stevenson, with a total time of 57:51.208. Taking out second place was Harley Hutton, with a time of 1:00:56.403.

Close behind Hutton was Dylan McDonald, who scored third place with a time of 1:01:39.743.

2020 AORC Round 1 JJ Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Max Stevenson 57:51.208
  2. Harley Hutton 1:00:56.403
  3. Dylan McDonald 1:01:39.743
  4. Reuben Morse 1:03:03.332
  5. Clancy O’Connor 1:07:27.664


Last but certainly not least is the new JG class! Claiming its first round win was the demon behind the handlebars, McDonald, with a total time of 54:09.460.

McDonald was followed by Monique Simioni and Ariana Collins in second and third, who clocked in respectively at 57:28.303 and 1:00:09.762.

2020 AORC Round 1 JG Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Danielle McDonald 54:09.460
  2. Monique Simioni 57:28.303
  3. Ariana Collins 1:00:09.762
  4. Amity Cork 1:02:33.328
  5. Hannah Dolphin 1:41:34.055

Catch all the AORC Juniors for Round 2 here in Toowoomba, Queensland for another action-packed Sprint racing format. Further information on Round 2 can be found here.

Stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2020 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the AORC website at , Facebook or @aorc on Instagram.  Don’t forget to download the Official AORC app via Team App. It’s as easy as download Team App and search ‘AORC’!

Images courtesy of Troy Pears.