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Kogan Lock, pictured at Mt Misery

Patience the name of the game at Mount Misery

If we learnt one thing today, it’s that Victoria’s Mount Misery is not for the impatient. Round three of the 2024 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship presented by MXstore (AORC) featured technical twists, dry conditions and an absolute need for patience. Dusty? Patience is key. Slippery rocks? Patience is key.

After seven tests, it was the patient racers who claimed victory at Mount Misery, with the following riders topping their respective classes: Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha, Threesix Motorsports) in E1, Daniel Milner (KTM Australia, DM31 Racing Team) in E2, Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) in E3, Jess Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) in EW and Kogan Lock (GASGAS) in EJ.

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Pictured: Kyron Bacon


It’s three for three for Tasmania’s Bacon. Right from Test #1 on the WR450F track, Yamaha’s fan favourite was leading the charge. Clocking in the fastest total time for the round, Bacon finished with a blistering time of 1:29:51.311. Mount Misery didn’t faze Bacon at all, as he comfortably tackled every twist and turn.

“Today was actually quite technical,” confirmed Bacon.

“I really enjoyed my time out there and even managed to stay upright most of the time. The competition was tough. I battled out with Milner all day, as well as the boys in E1.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow.”

Behind Bacon in second place was Korey McMahon (GASGAS Australia, Motorex). The GASGAS rider had a fantastic day as he successfully kept New Zealander Tom Buxton (KTM Australia, DM31 Racing Team) at bay. McMahon finished with a total time of 1:34:30.939.

Meanwhile, Buxton scored bronze after holding off the likes of Brock Nichols (Husqvarna) and Billy Bray (GASGAS). Buxton finished with a total time of 1:35:30.020.

2024 AORC Round 3 E1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Kyron Bacon (Shop Yamaha, Threesix Motorsports) 1:29:51.311
  2. Korey McMahon (GASGAS Australia, Motorex) 1:34:30.939
  3. Tom Buxton (KTM Australia, DM31 Racing Team) 1:35:30.020
  4. Brock Nichols (Husqvarna) 1:41:42.505
  5. Billy Bray (GASGAS) 1:48:18.208
Pictured: Daniel Milner


Recovering from an injury, who? Milner was unstoppable in E2 as he claimed another consecutive class win. The Victorian was completely at home in the conditions and instead clocked off with a total time of 1:30:23.028.

“Round 3 was quite difficult, that’s for sure,” explained Milner.

“The WR450F test was quite a technical track with granite sand that dug away and rocks that formed up over time.

“All in all, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve fared this race considering the lead up. It’s been a rough one, so to win the class and come out with the second fastest overall time was a great boost.”

Beta’s Andy Wilksch claimed second place here, jumping up the leaderboard after Roma’s opening two rounds. With a total time of 1:33:40.695, Wilksch couldn’t quite compete with Milner and Bacon, but he comfortably protected silver from Yamaha’s Will Dennett (1:35:43.523.

2024 AORC Round 3 E2 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Australia, DM31 Racing Team) 1:30:23.028
  2. Andy Wilksch (Beta Offroad Team) 1:33:40.695
  3. Will Dennett (Shop Yamaha, Threesix Motorsports) 1:35:43.523
  4. Beau Ralston (Empire Motorsports Kawasaki Off-Road Racing Team) 1:36:32.442
  5. Ben Kearns (Ballards Offroad, BETA Australia) 1:37:10.298
Pictured: Riley McGillivray


McGillivray claimed another top step finish. After a long day on the bike where a drop in focus resulted in dropping precious seconds, McGillivray remained consistent to ensure his first-place finish. With a time of 1:34:49.610, the KTM racer also managed to fend off Beta’s Jye Dickson.

With just over 20 seconds separating McGillivray and Dickson, round four should be an exciting set of Sprints to watch! Dickson finished seven Sprints to claim second place, ahead of Queensland’s Fraser Higlett (Beta Australia, 1:36:33.137).

“My day wasn’t too bad, I just struggled to get going,” said McGillivray.

“The conditions here are pretty testing and very different to home, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. I slowly built during the day and had some pretty good tests in the middle of the day. There were a few mistakes in the last couple of tests which was unfortunate. The 500 was a lot to wrestle out there but in the fast stuff I was definitely loving it!

“It was frustrating to not get results I know I can get. All in all though I got the class win so I’m happy with that. Tomorrow we’ll work to stay smooth and consistent.”

2024 AORC Round 3 E3 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM) 1:34:49.610
  2. Jye Dickson (Beta Racing Australia) 1:35:11.534
  3. Fraser Higlett (Beta Australia) 1:36:33.137
  4. Billy Hargy (Simford Group Motorsport) 1:37:57.315
  5. Stefan Granquist (Husqvarna) 1:38:43.163
Pictured: Jess Gardiner


Over on the MXstore track, Gardiner had her work cut out her all day. Over five gruelling Sprints, the Yamaha racer had to tackle tight, technical tracks whilst fending off teammate Danielle McDonald for the top step.

After five tests though, Gardiner claimed gold thanks to a total time of 41:52.167. With a lead of just over 10 seconds, there’s no doubt both Gardiner and McDonald will come into round four with the number one position in their sights.

“Today was wild,” said Gardiner.

“It didn’t start out great for me, I had a few crashes and got stuck in a few little ‘techo’ bits – which was a bit out of character for me. I pulled it back together though and had a pretty solid day considering me and Danielle were battling it out.

“It was also pretty cool to see us both go first and second out on a track ahead of over 200 Clubman!

“Heading into round four, we’re working on recovery and recharge for another solid day tomorrow.”

McDonald’s time was 42:03.172. Rounding out the podium was Husqvarna’s Emelie Karlsson (45:23.867).

2024 AORC Round 3 EW Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 41:52.167
  2. Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team) 42:03.172
  3. Emelie Karlsson (Cassons, Husqvarna) 45:23.867
  4. Ebony Nielsen (Beta Motorcycles Australia) 46:19.700
  5. Courtney Rubie (Wearlusty, GASGAS) 47:35.941
Pictured: Kogan Lock


Upset in EJ! Yamaha’s Jett Yarnold has been knocked off the top step by Lock, who lives just up the road from Mount Misery in the Macedon Ranges. Two weeks after a superb Aussie Hard Enduro debut in the premier Gold class, the GASGAS racer blitzed his EJ competition to comfortably claim first place. Clocking off with a total time of 1:39:37.043, Lock was joined on the podium by Eli Tripcony (Husqvarna, Motorex) and Yarnold.

“Technical suits me that’s for sure,” explained Lock.

“The rockiness and sandy conditions definitely suited me to a T. The track was awesome and I had heaps of fun.

“I managed to have the lead most of the day which was nice. I rode smooth and consistently and rode my best race. Coming away with the win, I’m really happy!”

Tripcony rode into second place today, finishing seven Tests across the WR450F track with a total time of 1:40:57.256. Behind Tripcony in third is Yarnold, with a total time of 1:42:07.188.

2024 AORC Round 3 EJ Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Kogan Lock (GASGAS) 1:39:37.043
  2. Eli Tripcony (Husqvarna, Motorex) 1:40:57.256
  3. Jett Yarnold (Yamaha Motor Australia, Yamalube) 1:42:07.188
  4. Jackson Versteegen (Peter Stevens, Fox Australia) 1:44:43.861
  5. Cody Howell (Tweaked Performance) 1:46:03.647

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Words by Caitlin Hynes. Images by Troy Pears.