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Nothing is going to slow down Gardiner, Stephens, Hutton and Teed As They Take Home Gold

How does that song go? “Aint nothing gonna break my stride, aint nobody gonna hold me down”. Well, that adequately describes the Round 1 efforts of all our 2019 returning Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship presented by MXstore (AORC) victors in the Women’s, Masters and Veterans, who all came, saw and conquered the Ballards-MXstore test track.

Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha MXStore Ballards Off-Road Team), Lee Stephens (True Painting and Decorating, KTM Newcastle) and Kirk Hutton (Yamaha Motors Australia) all took out first place, attaining a firm grasp on their continued success from 2019 into 2020. This AORC season also includes the first full season 2 Stroke Cup class, which saw Harry Teed take out the top spot.


She breaks records and doesn’t settle. That’s Gardiner, who appears to have worked straight through the AORC break to build herself up to be even better. Clocking in a total time of 1:10:30.314, Gardiner took out first place ahead of ‘The Flying Swede’, Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha) who finished her sixth lap with a total time of 1:12:19.635.

Stealing away third was Penrite Honda’s Emma Milesevic, who appears to be right at home now after completing a near full season in 2019 whilst also making tracks in Motocross. Milesevic finished today with a total time of 1:12:39.532.

2020 AORC Women’s Round 1 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha MXstore Ballards Offroad Team) 1:10:30.314
  2. Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha) 1:12:19.635
  3. Emma Milesevic (Penrite Honda) 1:12:39.532
  4. Ebony Nielsen (FocusX Gear) 1:14:49.454
  5. Kaitlyn Hall (Halls Transport Repairs) 1:20:29.445
  6. Avril Gill 1:21:16.676
  7. Julie Denyer (DN&G Denyer) 1:22:11.950
  8. Zoe Boccari 1:23:06.369
  9. Ivy Cross (FXR, North Coast Petroleum) 1:28:16.575
  10. Grace Woolston 1:33:38.618


Continuing on from a blisteringly hot 2019 season where he rarely faltered off first place, Stephens demonstrated his fine form today to take out first place. Trailing behind Stephens in second place was Richard Chibnall (WBR Echuca On Point Motorcycles, 100% Strength) with a total time of 1:06:50.373.

The third and final Veteran podium position was won today by Christopher Thomas (Thomas Lee KTM), finished six test laps with a total time of 1:09:45.335.

“Had a really good day today. I crashed in the logs on the first test – they caught me out – and I have really been looking forward to getting the season started,” explained Stephens.

2020 AORC Veterans Round 1 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Lee Stephens (KTM Newcastle) 1:05:58. 243
  2. Richard Chibnall (WBR Echuca On Point Motorcycles, 100% Strength) 1:06:50.373
  3. Christopher Thomas (Thomas Lee KTM) 1:09:45.335
  4. Daniel Sawtell 1:10:54.085
  5. Jeffrey Briggs (Lusty Industries, KTM Newcastle) 1:11:54.925
  6. Anthony Wilson 1:13:16.084
  7. Jason Pearce 1:13:55.831
  8. Chris Dennis 1:15:06.411
  9. Stephen Lowther 1:15:35.419
  10. Brendan Knight 1:15:43.715


He took out the 2019 AORC Masters title with a round to spare last season and looks set to continue that fantastic streak here in Toowoomba. Hutton took out first place today, clocking in a total time of 1:07:10.693. Behind Hutton in second is Andrew Gillam who trailed with a total time of 1:10:04.669.

Rounding out the podium for Round 1 was Timothy Martin with a total time of 1:10:19.473.

2020 AORC Masters Round 1 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Kirk Hutton (Yamaha Motors Australia) 1:07:10.693
  2. Andrew Gillam 1:10:04.669
  3. Timothy Martin 1:10:19.473
  4. Craig Wease 1:11:41.382
  5. Craig Rayner 1:12:47.754
  6. John Baker 1:13:09.843
  7. Chris Keegan 1:13:11.949
  8. Peter Rudd 1:13:13.049
  9. Stephen Boucher 1:13:30.070
  10. Ian Jenner 1:14:12.447

2 Stroke Cup

After the success of the 2 Stroke Cup in selected rounds last season, AORC are thrilled to introduce this class as a full season Championship class! Taking out first place today was Harry Teed with a total time of 59:10.420. As Teed navigated the WR450F track, which presented a mixture of lush grass and slippery dust, he was followed closely by Brad Hardaker (Banana Coast Pest Control, Yamaha) who clocked in at second with a total time of 59:34.004.

Third place was won today by Dalton Johnson (Motul Pirelli Sheroc Offroad Racing Team), who finished Round 1 with a total time of 59:48.577.

2020 AORC Masters Round 1 Top 4 Provisional Results:

  1. Harry Teed 59:10.420
  2. Brad Hardaker (Banana Coast Pest Control, Yamaha) 59:34.004
  3. Dalton Johnson (Motul Pirelli Sheroc Offroad Racing Team) 59:48.577
  4. Brady Adams 1:12:06.741

AORC returns tomorrow for Round 2, here in Toowoomba, Queensland. All our competitors will tackle another physically demanding day of Sprints, in their individual campaigns to rack up coveted Championship points. For further information on Round 2, please click here.

Stay up to date with all the happenings of the 2020 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship by visiting the AORC website at , Facebook or @aorc on Instagram.  Don’t forget to download the Official AORC app via Team App. It’s as easy as download Team App and search ‘AORC’!

Images courtesy of Troy Pears.