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Please Welcome Your 2019 Junior AORC Champions, Johnson, McGillivray And Hargy!

Round 11 here in Hedley, Victoria ran out a perfect final Sprint format to close off what has been a tumultuous, action-packed 2019 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC). Joining Riley McGillivray (Neet Constructions)as the 2019 class Champions was Mackenzie Johnson (Motocity, Yamaha) for J4 and Billy Hargy (Rock Motorcycles, Husqvarna) for J2.

As they raced across the Off Road Advantage test over five laps, it was Blake Hollis (Yamaha), McGillivray and Hargy who claimed the Round 11 win for J4, J3 and J2 respectively.

Even back-to-back round wins couldn’t secure Hollis the 2019 AORC J4 win, who had to instead settle for second place overall. After today’s 5 laps of the Off Road Advantage test, Hollis clocked off today with a total time of 49:28.162.

Hollis was followed by Sam Pretscherer into second for Round 11, who finished today with a total time of 49:28.958. The 2019 J4 Champion, Johnson, finished today in third with a total time of 50:37.160.

The final 2019 AORC J4 Championship position on the podium was awarded to Oscar Collins.

“My day was pretty good, I just had to ride consistent all day,” explained Johnson.

“As everyone probably knows, the points for the Championship were pretty tight so I had to focus hard to win!

“It means the world to me and my family! We have put in so much effort to get here and to win means a lot!”

2019 AORC J4 Round 11 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Blake Hollis (Yamaha) 49:28.162
  2. Samuel Pretscherer 49:28.958
  3. Mackenzie Johnson (Motocity, Yamaha) 50:37.160
  4. Charlie Milton (Milton Transport) 50:47.572
  5. Oscar Collins 52:07.738
  6. Kobe Conley (First Handwear) 52:25.312
  7. Jack Lydford (Frank Spice Yamaha) 54:57.985
  8. Jack Caughey (Dahlsens) 55:12.932
  9. Charlie Holmes (AJ’s Motorcycles) 55:58.949
  10. Sam Barton 56:09.650

With the 2019 AORC J3 Champion already decided yesterday, Round 11 became a nail-biting event to decide who would join McGillivray in second and third. True to form, it was Kodi Stephens (True Painting & Decorating) who clocked in a total time of 52:03.436 and rode straight into second place today for the round and for the 2019 J3 Championship.

Rounding out today’s podium was Charlie Moller with a time of 53:05.635.
For the 2019 AORC J3 Championship, the third and final podium position was awarded William Dennett, who finished fourth today in Hedley.

“I had an awesome day,” gushed McGillivray.

“I swapped over to a 150cc bike today for a bit of fun which definitely made for a new set of challenges which I really enjoyed.”

2019 AORC J3 Round 11 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Riley McGillivray (Neet Constructions) 50:03.898
  2. Kodi Stephens (True Painting & Decorating) 52:03.436
  3. Charlie Moller ( Marriots KTM / Kwill Constructions ) 53:05.635
  4. William Dennett 53:07.036
  5. Jack Bithell (Days MPE) 53:33.196
  6. Jamie Dunstan 54:14.971
  7. Aaron Miles (501 Junior Development Team) 54:31.888
  8. Maxwell Liebeknecht (Indulge Apartments) 55:28.979
  9. Thomas Foster (A&T Firewood Supplies) 55:43.350
  10. Ty Soutter 56:39.820 (Bullet Bikes Mackay)

After Test One today, everything seemed up in the air as to whether Hargy would hold onto his 2019 AORC J2 Championship title, with Max Phillips (T&K Phillips Transport) clocking in a stunningly fast test time. But Hargy answered the call and came home for the win, claiming both Round 11 and the 2019 AORC J2 Championship title, clocking in a total time today of 51:56.583.

Phillips conceded today and in the 2019 Champion for second place, finishing today with a total time of 52:03.631. Rounding out the podium both for Round 11 and the 2019 Championship was Campbell Hall (Halls Transport Repairs), with a total time today of 52:39.810.

“Today was a tough day,” explained Hargy.

“I lost my back brakes in the last set of Sprints and lost a heap of time which stressed me out, but I am very happy now to come away with both the round win and the Championship win!”

2019 AORC J2 Round 11 Top 10 Provisional Results:

  1. Billy Hargy (Rock Motorcycles, Husqvarna) 51:56.583
  2. Max Phillips (T&K Phillips Transport) 52:03.631
  3. Campbell Hall (Halls Transport Repairs) 52:39.810
  4. Luke Chellas (Northbound Driver Training) 54:31.695
  5. Thomas Vance 57:16.393
  6. William Vella 58:00.557
  7. Jack Shearer (Tracrite) 58:10.237
  8. Max Mensforth (Craig Mills Constructions) 58:32.031
  9. Jet Brien (All Power On Site Auto Elec) 59:00.861
  10. Jack Skeggs (Abrasive Blasting And Coating Services) 1:00:22.273

This brings the 2019 AORC season to a close, proving that Australia’s Enduro talent is growing in leaps and bounds through our Junior competitors. Please stay tuned for further Junior AORC updates as well as the 2020 calendar, which will be released in due course.

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Images courtesy of Russell Colvin