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It’s McMahon’s Time

We’ve received the perfect welcome here at Queensland Moto Park (QMP) for Round 3 of the 2023 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship presented by MXstore (AORC). Coming out victorious in our Seniors for today’s one day Enduro was Korey McMahon in E1, Josh Green in Tefol E2, Stefan Granquist in E3, Jess Gardiner in EW and Will Dennett in EJ.

Fastest time today was clinched by Josh Green, with a total time of 52:04.632.

It’s been blue skies and ideal Queensland conditions at QMP, offering our racers the perfect opportunity to ace the Enduro racing format. Racing Enduro was E1, Tefol E2, E3, EW, EJ, EM, EV, EL, 2T, Pony Express and EWD, with Leigh Bentley winning in EM, Rowan Pumpa in EV, Stephen Matheson in EL, Jackson Horley in 2T, the Kilvington’s in Pony Express and Gemma Rankine in EWD. Our Enduro format also featured our J4 class, won today by Riley Crimmins.

Over on the Offroad Advantage test was our Juniors for Sprints. The Round 3 victors included Danielle McDonald in JG, Ollie Gear in J3, Harley Hutton in J2, Chase Weston in J1 and Ryder Lambing in JJ. The fastest time for Sprints by our Juniors was clinched by Ollie Gear, with a total time of 47:34.249.


He’s the winner of the day and the moment! McMahon has celebrated a long-awaited and well-deserved win here at QMP, winning Round 3 with a total time of 53:13.319. The Gas Gas favourite dominated the E1 field, leading the charge by more than five minutes.

Second place was won by Cooper Sheidow. The Yamaha boarded racer really put the pressure on McMahon right from the get-go but after a long slog on the bike, conceded for second. With a total time of 53:18.957, Sheidow finished ahead of Will Price. Price finished in third with a total time of 54:35.414.

2023 AORC Round 3 E1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Korey McMahon (GasGas Australia, Suttos Powersports)
  2. Cooper Sheidow (Yamaha)
  3. Will Price (Empire Kawasaki Off Road Team)
  4. Brock Nichols (Husqvarna)
  5. Brad Hardaker

Tefol E2

The success has followed Green from Mendooran into QMP, as he claims another E2 win. Today’s racing saw Green right at the front of the pack from the beginning, and he remained there right until the end of racing. Green finished today with a total time of 52:04.632.

Behind Green in second, was Beta’s Fraser Higlett. The Queensland native really steamrolled the competition today, setting red hot times all day to secure second place. Higlett’s total time today was 52:41.789.

Bronze was awarded to Jye Dickson. Today was a new racing format for the Gas Gas racer but true to form, Dickson appeared unfazed and comfortable, finishing racing with a total time of 53:06.875.

2023 AORC Round 3 E2 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Joshua Green (Shop Yamaha Offroad Racing Team)
  2. Fraser Higlett (Beta)
  3. Jye Dickson (Gas Gas)
  4. Andrew Wilksch
  5. Jonte Reynders (Motul Pirelli Sherco Racing Team)


The energy and competition was utterly fierce in E3 today, with milliseconds separating McGillivray and Stefan Granquist from the top step. After today’s racing, Granquist claimed a very special win, with a total time of 53:43.467.

McGillivray rode into second place, with a total time of 54:07.751.

Claiming the final spot today was Sam Pretscherer. Pretscherer’s success from Mendooran doesn’t look like it’s followed him into QMP but there’s plenty of opportunity for the Simford racer to push his bike into first tomorrow.

2023 AORC Round 3 E3 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Stefan Granquist (Husqvarna)
  2. Riley McGillivray (Shepparton Motorcycles, KTM)
  3. Patrick McGillivray (KTM)
  4. Sam Pretscherer (Simford Motorsport Group)
  5. Luke Bunnik (Beta, Limestone Coast Motorcycles)


Gardiner is back on the top step in EW today, after a less than ideal start back in Mendooran for Rounds 1 & 2. The Yamaha boarded rider enjoyed a strong day of racing at QMP, finishing in first with a total time of 1:00:28.094.

Ebony Nielsen has made headway, pushing through the competition to claim silver for Round 3. Nielsen finished today with a total time of 1:04:40.830.

Claiming the third and final Round 3 podium spot was Taylor Thompson. After a long day on the bike, Thompson finished today with a total time of 1:05:06.977.

2023 AORC Round 3 EW Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team)
  2. Ebony Nielsen
  3. Taylor Thompson (Excite Motorsports, Yamaha)
  4. Ariana Collins (Husqvarna)
  5. Emelie Karlsson (Husqvarna)


Dennett just couldn’t be beat today in EJ, clocking up test times that rivalled his Seniors in E1, E2 and E3. The Yamaha racer comfortably won the race with a total time of 53:25.768.

Behind the winner of our first three rounds, Billy Hargy dropped in behind Dennett with a total time of 53:48.090. Like Dennett, Hargy was an absolute demon behind the handlebars, clocking up times that put the surrounding Senior competition to shame.

Rounding out the EJ podium was Jett Yarnold, who finished today’s racing with a total time of 55:39.260.

2023 AORC Round 3 EJ Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. William Dennett (Yamaha Australia)
  2. Billy Hargy (Husqvarna Offroad Racing Team)
  3. Jett Yarnold
  4. Max Midwinter
  5. Luke Chellas

EM (Masters)

After a tough day of Enduro, Bentley had a fantastic day at QMP taking home the Round 3 EM win. With a total time of 1:03:04.500, Bentley finished ahead of second place holder, Peter Rudd.

A familiar face in the EM field, Rudd claimed second with a total time of 1:05:49.531.

Bronze today was won by Loui Stylianou, with a total time of 1:08:10.144.

2023 AORC Round 3 EM Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Leigh Bentley (Yamaha)
  2. Peter Rudd
  3. Loui Stylianou (Gas Gas)
  4. Jason Pearce (KTM)
  5. Joe Ondrus

EV (Veterans)

Pumpa is the undisputed winner in EV today for Round 3, with a total time of 1:00:31.831. Behind Pumpa in second place was Christopher Thomas, with a total time of 1:01:14.042.

The third and final podium spot was clinched by Jeff Briggs, who finished today’s racing with a total time of 1:07:13.230.

2023 AORC Round 3 EV Top 5 Provisional Result:

  1. Rowan Pumpa (Kessner Motorcycles, Motorex)
  2. Christopher Thomas (Thomas Lee KTM)
  3. Jeff Briggs (Gas Gas)
  4. Josh Murphy
  5. Josh Wilson

EL (Enduro Legends)

Over in EL, Matheson claimed a comfortable Round 3 win, ahead of Craig Treasure and Ian Jenner. Matheson scored a well-earnt win today with a total time of 1:06:04.142.

Treasure and Jenner finished today’s racing with total respective times of 1:08:05.982 and 1:08:46.681.

2023 AORC Round 3 EL Top 5 Provisional Result:

  1. Stephen Matheson
  2. Craig Treasure
  3. Ian Jenner
  4. Jason Pearce
  5. David Brown

2T (2 Stroke Cup)

Horley stole the top step away from any of the 2T competition today, thanks to an impressive total time of 57:49.601. Behind Horley in second place was Thomas Teed, with a total time of 58:17.993.

Behind Teed and stealing the last podium spot was Blake Scott. Scott finished a long, hard day of Enduro racing with a total time of 1:17:01.974.

2023 AORC Round 3 2T Top 4 Provisional Result:

  1. Jackson Horley
  2. Thomas Teed
  3. Blake Scott
  4. Justin Richards
  5. Tim Newman

EWD (Enduro Women’s Development)

2023 AORC Round 3 EWD Top 2 Provisional Result:

  1. Gemma Rankine
  2. Shaylynne Kuhnke

Pony Express

It was like Groundhog Day here in QMP, with the Kilvington’s claiming the top step in Pony Express.

2023 AORC Round 3 Pony Express Top 2 Provisional Result:

  1. Joshua Kilvington (Team Motomoorooka, HousePro Property Group)
  2. Clay Kilvington (Team Motomoorooka, HousePro Property Group)


Crimmins had an absolute scorcher of a day at QMP. Claiming a strong J4 win today with a total time of 59:38.875.

In second with a total time of 1:00:22.755, was Ryan Jordan. Riding in to the final podium spot for Round 3 was Jackson Versteegen, with a total time of 1:01:29.796.

2023 AORC Round 3 J4 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Riley Crimmins
  2. Ryan Jordan
  3. Jackson Versteegen (Savage Motorcycles, Michelin)
  4. Oliver Paterno (Port Macquarie Motorcycles, DAS Suspensions)
  5. Davey Gear


Today, Danielle McDonald set a blistering speed across the Offroad Advantage test track, finishing today with a total time of 52:44.838.

Madi Simpson conceded for second today, with a total time of 53:45.681. Behind Simpson and claiming bronze was Jade Chellas, with a total time of 58:12.854.

2023 AORC Round 3 JG Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Danielle McDonald (Yamaha JGR Ballard’s Off Road Team)
  2. Madi Simpson (Honda Ride Red, Fly Racing)
  3. Jade Chellas (KTM)
  4. Audrey Moller (Alltac)
  5. Sinead Maher


It was definitely Gear’s day here at QMP, claiming one scorcher of a J3 win for Round 3. With a total time of 47:34.249, Gear set a strong lead ahead of the remaining podium placements, by over a minute Behind Gear in second and third respectively was Dylan McDonald and Beau Tripcony.

2023 AORC Round 3 J3 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Ollie Gear (Limstone Coast Motorcylces Naracoorte, Yamaha)
  2. Dylan McDonald (McDonald Racing)
  3. Beau Tripcony
  4. Bradley Rayner (KTM Newcastle)
  5. Charlie Connolly


Yamaha’s Hutton was fine form today from start to finish. With the Round 3 class win under his belt, Hutton has started a promising campaign toward the 2022 J2 Championship title. Rounding out the Round 3 podium today was Mitch Ford and Kai Austin, with respective total times of 51:44.402 and 52:53.421.

2023 AORC Round 3 J2 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Harley Hutton (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
  2. Mitch Ford
  3. Kai Austin
  4. Harry Gilbertson
  5. Harry Hubbard


Weston had a fantastic day enjoying the sunshine, perfect conditions and excellent competition here in QMP. After a hard day of Sprints, Weston finished in first for J1, with a total time of 56:26.918.

The final two podium spots was claimed by Cooper Parkes and Darcy Huston, with total times of 57:01.871 and 57:04.254 respectively.

2023 AORC Round 3 J1 Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Chase Weston (Tdub, ProCoat Aus)
  2. Cooper Parkes
  3. Darcy Huston (Citycoast Motorcycles, Holeshot graphics)
  4. Levi Rossi (Paint Tech SA, Nicolai Farms)
  5. Cooper Clarke (Gas Gas)


Lambing has claimed another valuable JJ win, finishing with a fantastic total time today of 1:06:50.500. Ryder Burchell had a great day of racing but just couldn’t quite beat Lambing, claiming second place instead.

Claiming the final JJ podium spot today was Zain Lennon, with a total time of 1:19:36.486.

2023 AORC Round 3 JJ Top 5 Provisional Results:

  1. Ryder Lambing (GasMoto, Monza Imports)
  2. Ryder Burchell (McDonald’s Racing Team)
  3. Zain Lennon
  4. Thomas Hathway
  5. Ashton Porter

Don’t go anywhere because we’re back tomorrow bright and early, for Round 4 here at Queensland Moto Park.

Visit Coulson
QMP is situated in Coulson, Queensland (QLD) about 84km south of Brisbane. This rural town is part of the Scenic Rim Regional Council. The Scenic Rim region has been dubbed a rural paradise, set in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and surrounded by World Heritage-listed national parks.

To find out more about this area, please visit Scenic Rim Regional Council’s website.

For more information on QMP to help your next visit, please visit their website.

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Words by Caitlin Hynes. Images by Troy Pears.

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