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Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro Update

Motorcycling Australia (MA) advises competitors that the 2017 Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE), must have full motorcycle road registration to compete. Competitors who DO NOT HAVE FULL road registration for their motorcycle will need to obtain a Queensland Unregistered Vehicle Permit for the duration of the event.

Motorcycles must comply with the standards for Enduro as described in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport in Chapter 14.

They must have: –

  • Working and commercially available headlight/tail light (Permanently wired to illuminate or able to be switched on or off by a single switch mounted on the handlebar or headlight assembly).
  • Working brake light operated by brake pedal or handlebar brake lever.
  • Handlebars must be plugged and equipped with a protection pad on the cross bar (handlebars without a cross member must be equipped with a protection pad located in the middle of the handlebars, covering the handlebar clamps).
  • Hand guards are permitted. All motorcycles must be fitted with an extended style Enduro rear mudguard.
  • A effective rear vision mirror must be fitted.
  • An appropriate horn or warning device must be fitted.
  • A chain guard that protects the rider from the front chain sprocket must be fitted.
  • No motorcycle may enter the A4DE Parc Fermé without a fixed stand approved at machine examination.

MA also wishes to remind competitors that if they would like to be seeded for the A4DE, seeding order will be determined by the preceding A4DE or Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) rounds. It is highly recommended that potential and definite 2017 A4DE competitors; take part in one or more 2017 Yamaha AORC rounds, as results will be used as a guide to seed riders for this year’s A4DE. Rounds 9 & 10 of the Yamaha AORC will take place next weekend in Kyogle, NSW (close to the Queensland border). Make sure to get your entry in before this Sunday.  

Please also be advised that the Supplementary Regulations and Entries will be released for the A4DE next week so stay tuned.

Stay tuned to all the updates from the A4DE and AORC Facebook pages.

Photo: A4DE 2016